Message From President


The group ´OurSense´ has been developing its main activity in the furniture sector and interior design, which has given origins to the companies of the group. As years went by, aligned with accumulated experience, OurSense extends to other areas of performance, namely interior architecture and ‘limited edition’ furniture. Since early times that the performance of the group has been guided by the presence in ambitious and demanding market niche.

Extending the business portfolio and following today trends, the group has expanded its activity to international markets, raising the bar for demanding as well as incessant search for the taste of bold shapes and colors.

The companies must adopt a posture of constant change, according with the conjunctures in order to define changes which result in improved reputation and trust of the customers, declining any sort of suspicion. Within these companies, the word crisis is seen in two directions, the same way it is written in Chinese. In the language of the largest exporter country, crisis is written with two characters - Danger and Opportunity. For us, we should beware the present, ensuring the future with the opportunities that the world conjuncture provides.

We have to ensure a modern vision and more consistent of the markets, in which the performance of every one of us should be guided by excellence standards, not admitting shortcomings.

My fellow dears, we are in a time of profound change that should be faced as opportunities the market provides us to be better and better. It is up to us to make this moment a moment of success. For such, the group OurSense has defined its ambitions towards 2015 based on two key ideas – Danger and Opportunities. We are confident that this concrete and feasible goal setting will make this group a solid group respected national and internationally.

Message From CEO


Processing a global vision, OurSense is today a group with international presence derived from a matrix markedly multiservice, result of a weighted strategy with a concurrence of action in western and central Europe.

In an economic environment increasingly global, the present globalization made us set goals we consider attractive until 2015. With this document, OurSense aims to equip itself with a strategic direction that allows boosting its performance within the markets, seizing the opportunities that will rise. We are certain that the dangers of the actual conjuncture are a reality, however rephrasing our President, we should “beware the present, ensuring the future with the opportunities that the world conjuncture provides”. In this spirit of ambition, we work daily to make this group into a solid group and honest in its activity.

The ambition defined sets, beyond a management which aims modern and adapted to the best international practices, a communication policy translucent and useful, intending with the update of this site to cooperate towards the increasing knowledge of every user about what characterizes the company in terms of its actions and international settings.

To finish, gratifications to all stakeholders that cooperate with us in our ongoing action, for the privilege of your predilection and for which we want to keep the agreement based on the quality of our services.