Founded in 1984, OurSense has a cleared goal to constantly pursuit innovation and ‘leave a mark’.

OurSense brand descends from the will and passion for bold design of shapes and shades which broadcast the unique style we put at your disposal.

Allied with the design of form, OurSense preserve the quality of Portuguese materials used in its articles, resulting into a striking analogy between design and quality. In a small tour through our projects, you can certify the quality of manufacture exclusively Portuguese that our company hold.

OurSense remains faithful to the same goals ever, innovation and quality, values that govern the company for over twenty years.

To follow the new challenges and as a result of a corporate design process, OurSense new identity embraces an actual and refined image, intending to underline its branch of action as well as its strong market presence.

The way people understand and see the brand is critical, that why the image is clear and consistent.

Next, the evolution of our Brands, since 1984 to 2017:


The group OurSense is characterized by the exigency and excellence in creation of products that will satisfy the needs of our customers, developing skills to distinguish innovation and constant creation. OurSense commits to every customer to provide the proper solution, able to translate a natural analogy between design and functionality.

The perform strategy of the group is based in three key vectors: meet the needs of each client, developing offerings in accordance with these needs and find the best solutions for its customers providing them a range of services to meet their needs.

As a result of new business approach in OurSense, we seek to sustain our action with the presence in new markets, figuring a triangle between France, Angola and U.S.A. This international expansion is reflected in a strong investment that the brand has been doing to equip themselves with tools and high-tech enabling it to face the fierce competition market.

This result is a natural consequence of a strong momentum among customer and the continuity of the following objectives:
> Increased customer base;
> Strengthened approach t customers and strategic sectors by creating or repositioning of the value propositions;
> Increasing the share of wallet of OurSense, particularly through increased cross-selling to their customers.